What is Replica

Replica platform is really a New World for those of us who don’t have deep pockets. You could get decent replicas at a fraction of retail prices. Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Gucci, Burberry, you name it. You schoolmates, colleagues, friends will cast envious eyes on you when you are in these dazzling branded outfit.

But wait a minute. Before you give high fives, dig deep into this bonanza, and begin preparing your very first haul, you should probably read this.

Before you make any purchase

  • Understand what occasions you need these items for. Do you need hype/flashy or low-key pieces? And how they could match with your wardrobe

  • Hype/flashy items are great statement pieces, but usually not so versatile. And people will notice how often you wear it

  • Instead, buy versatile pieces (basics, essentials, staples) that you know you can layer with other clothes and therefore, you don’t need to buy that many pieces after all just because they are cheap.

  • Spend under your means, don't blow your budget, you still got shit to buy besides clothes and sneakers.

  • Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you got a good bargain. And I could almost certainly smell the chemistry from the cheap junk your bought thus far. Trust me. And expensive doesn’t guarantee good quality either. So keep your eyes sharp.

  • Don’t rush to buy a bunch of hype shit, let it sit in your cart for a couple of days and think about if you really need them. Chill out before making any payment.

If you really think you want them. Then okay, let’s do this.

Selecting items

  • Size matters the most. Read the GODDAMN size charts for each product. Always ask your agent if in doubt.

  • Shoulder width (肩宽) AND bust(胸围) also matter.

  • Don't neglect length if you're tall. Things shrink in the wash.

  • Ask QC stuff to take out the insole and measure it if you are not sure about the size. So that you can get more accurate results.

  • Do not require package removing service until you are absolutely satisfied with your items, cuz seller will not accept any return/exchange if the package is damaged (not to mention gone).

Agent or no agent?

My answer is do not dismiss agents outright, at least not in the beginning while you know nothing about the whole process.

International shipping fee accounts for a big chunk of total cost of your hauls. So you got to make sure you get the right, correct, intended products you ordered while these items are still in China.

That’s is where an agent comes in. Agent could do quality control (QC), send you HD pictures so that you could check quality, flag any flaws and if necessary, require an exchange/return. (typically, local shipping fee is around 10~20 Chinese yuan, and that’s not much. And in most cases you have to cough up yourself, cuz sellers certainly won't)

In this way, you could minimize the risk of getting shitty items yet could not return them. And you will know what you are expecting.

And one last tip. People in real life can’t call you out unless they’re repfam. Therefore, have faith in your reps.

Hopefully, this article might offer you some useful advice. And If I could hear less of you saying “oh shit! I can’t believe it. I have spent so much on these pieces of junk”, I will be very glad.

If I miss something, feel free to add your thought. You are more than welcome.